Thank you if you have already made a donation to the HelpMadina fund. Every penny will be used in an effective way to help with medical projects that will greatly improve the health of this community.

There are no administrative costs and all flights, accommodation and subsistence are self funded.

Where does your money go?

So far monies have been used for the following:

  • Medical equipment for the clinics and feeding centre
  • Essential drugs
  • Diagnostic testing kits
  • Cataract Surgery for patients
  • Training materials for the nurses
  • Stationary and administrative materials to improve the running of the clinics and feeding centre
  • Toilets and washing facilities for the old feeding centre (now gifted to the local community)
  • Partial funding of a well and water tower for the old feeding centre (now gifted to the local community)
  • Solar lamps
  • Development of a new secure feeding centre
  • Water wells
  • Water pumps
  • 3 Ventilation Improved Pit Latrines – for pilot study
  • 10 further latrines and more to follow as funds allow
  • Repair of community wells
  • Support of the vulnerable elderly

Examples of what your donations can buy:

  • Package of medicines for each child in the feeding centre £5
  • Half a bag of rice – will feed the mothers and children of the feeding centre for 1 wk £10
  • 10 mosquito nets £15
  • Cost of a cataract operation £25
  • 100 malaria testing kits £40
  • Materials and building costs of a ventilation improved pit latrine £50
  • Cost of building a community water well and hand pump £2000

How to donate:

Cheque: Payable to Help Madina and sent to Laverton House, Fairford, Glos, GL7 4AB

BACs: To the account of Help Madina, Acct No: 30381960 Sort Code: 30 – 80 – 95

PayPal: Click the donate button

Please download and use the forms below for making a regular standing order and for making your donations subject to Gift Aid.


Gift Aid Form

Help Madina standing order mandate